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Fortius empowers leaders with the clarity they need to take their performance, their team, and their organization to new levels. But make no mistake about it, change is hard earned. We challenge you to confront limitations and create alignment on your way to building a foundation that facilitates effective execution—all while maximizing resources already in your arsenal and securing new ones when necessary. We’ll help you build a culture where fullest potential is realized.

The Fortius Power 5.

Through decades of experience and research, Fortius has selected what we believe and research informs us to be the Power 5—core elements that influence culture and determine sustained team success. Led by our team of highly accomplished professionals, our programs focus on these five fundamental areas that are the key to achieving your strategic objectives. We partner with you to gain an understanding of your organization, and from there, work together to craft a plan that addresses the appropriate core elements. It all starts with asking the right questions.


Are your people in the right roles? How are you maximizing their strengths and closing developmental gaps? Do you have a deep bench to ensure strong succession planning and risk mitigation?

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Do your leaders push boundaries and help people redefine their limits? Do your leaders create and communicate a compelling mission, vision, and strategy?

If we asked associates to describe your mission, vision, and strategy, would they give similar answers? Do you have a clear vision of where you are going and what you want to achieve?

Does your organization have a disciplined approach to achieving its strategy? Is there a strong sense of accountability among the team? Do team members hold each other 
accountable, or is it just top-down?

Does your organization have strong internal support functions—finance, human resources, technology, operations, project management? Does technology and innovation provide your organization with a competitive advantage?


Transform your team.


As a leader, you must be deliberate and intentional to build a collaborative team that delivers effective, sustainable results that individuals alone cannot. Each member of your team must have a set of responsibilities that actively support and drive the overall mission and shared goals. But the accountability to bring that team together lies with you. Through these team-strengthening programs, we’ll take a customized approach that bends to your group’s unique dynamic.


Leadership at every


Companies across every industry are facing complex organizational challenges. To face and ultimately overcome them, they’re looking forward and grooming the next generation leadership. More than ever before, emerging leaders and middle managers must quickly adopt core management skills, develop a broad strategic perspective, and expand their professional and personal networks. Through these programs, Fortius can help train your leaders at every level.


Get aligned.

When organizations are out of alignment, everyone can feel it, from the corner offices to the cubicle bay. Realignment begins with two key initiatives: strategic planning and competency development. When leadership takes responsibility for these spaces, the benefits are noticed by all—increased speed in decision making, fewer wasted resources, more credibility and respect for leadership, optimized talents and skills, 
responsible risk taking, and a dynamic, purpose-driven culture, where anything is possible.


All about execution.

How many of your key initiatives are delivered on time and on budget, and how many would you say are successful? If you don’t have a quick answer to this question, or no idea as to how you might answer it, you’re probably leaving a lot on the table. More than 80% of strategic initiatives either under-perform or are abandoned. Client work takes precedence, deadlines creep up, and self-propelled internal efforts fall down the ever-mounting to-do list. Improve your organization’s track record with these two programs focused on improving execution.


Maximize your


Ensuring your internal resources and infrastructure are optimally supporting and enabling your business is not always obvious. Fortius can help organizations better understand the overlooked gaps, as well as the strengths that already exist in support functions. Through these two programs, you’ll discover how resource management and technology optimization can be game changers, increasing overall efficiency and enabling everyone to performat the highest possible level.

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