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Fortius ROW

Fortius ROW

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The Fortius rowing program hit the mark for our 60 incoming MBA students to coalesce as a class. The one-day rowing program challenged them mentally and physically, emphasizing a sense of self awareness that forced them to think critically about their leadership brand and how their actions impact others.

William T. Valenta

Assistant Dean, MBA & Executive Programs, University of Pittsburgh, Katz Graduate School of Business

The first time you sit in a boat, it clicks. Every individual movement, no matter how small, connects to the whole. The only way to improve as a team is to concentrate on your performance, and the only way to improve your performance is to dissolve into the crew. For students
and professionals who spend most
of their time in classrooms and
boardrooms, rowing provides
a transformative experience
that redefines the meaning
of teamwork in an
entirely new context.

Pull Together.


Start strong to

finish strong.

The new team on-boarding experience is designed for groups that have recently been formed or introduced into a new environment (think: a new department,an incoming class of students, a fresh batch of recruits). Rowing gives these groups a low-pressure way to interact and create alignment among the team, allowing them to start strong out of the gate.

  • Establish goals for your session on the water and devise a strategy to achieve them

  • Understand the most effective way for your team to communicate and establish role clarity

  • Incorporate discoveries into your development plan


The leadership team experience brings senior and executive leaders together for a multi-day offsite — a meaningful and effective way to build cohesion and alignment. Our full-service package, complete with team dinners and engaging speakers, makes rowing and its application of the Fortius Power 5 the focal point, while leaving enough time for fun among the group.

  • Theme your entire offsite around the virtues of rowing

  • Optional guest speakers, including Olympic champion coaches and athletes

  • Host your event anywhere in the world

  • Choose a half-day or full-day session for up to 150 participants




Row together to grow together. 

Teams need to constantly strive to reach new levels of performance. Rowing is a catalytic experience that helps established teams understand their strengths and gaps 
and encourages discussions around 
performance that can be difficult to have in a business setting. Crews commit to change and create a development plan—one of the cornerstones of Fortius’ High-
Performance Framework.

  • Define your team identity

  • Establish goals for your session on the water and devise a strategy to achieve them

  • Understand the most 
    effective way for your team to
    communicate and establish role clarity

  • Incorporate discoveries into 
    your development plan

The Olympic Champion Experience. 

No matter which team-based rowing program is right for your organization, bolster it with this inspiring add-on. Fortius will incorporate the coach and athletes from one of the most successful sports team of the modern era: the US Women’s Olympic Rowing Team. From 2006 through 2018, Coach Tom Terhaar has led the US Women’s Eight to gold at three consecutive Olympics and nine World Championships.

Corporate Rowing & Team Building
  • Meet and learn from Olympic champion

      rowers and coaches

  • Hear how Coach Terhaar transformed the team from under-performers to undefeated for 11 years running

  • Engage in interactive dialogue on the parallels of collective performance in sport and business 

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